Why NMN Advisors

Strong Wall Street Relationships

Customized Programs

By concentrating our efforts on only a few select companies at a time, we 

guarantee that each client receives a consistent level of senior support and 24/7 dedication throughout the relationship.  

Expert & Seasoned Counsel

What differentiates us from other consulting firms

Flexible Work Arrangements 

We believe that every company should run an investor relations program in a prudent manner that fits its size, resources and particular needs. From tactical needs to high-level strategic counsel, we have the expertise and flexibility to support companies in any level of complexity. We have experience assisting companies with stand-alone projects, on-site, full-time IR support and long-term retainers, where we often work on-site as part of the team and act as the client’s outsourced IR department.

With the team’s tenure, we bring a substantial network of contacts within the buy-and sell-side, banking, listing exchanges, legal, accounting and media. Whether working to expand sell-side coverage, gain access to investor conferences or execute road shows, these contacts are crucial to obtaining the strategic exposure needed for a successful IR program.

We recognize that each company has a unique investment thesis, so we take a comprehensive approach in understanding our clients' businesses, competitive advantages and challenges. This technique allows us to provide insight and counsel as a strategic member of a client's team, with the objectivity and depth of expertise of a senior consultant. 

All of the firm’s IR programs are managed exclusively by seasoned professionals with extensive capital markets experience, guaranteeing a consistently high-level of senior expertise throughout the relationship. In fact, the firm has one of the lowest Partner to client ratios in the industry. We will not sell you with the senior partner and pass the work off to the junior associate; this is NMN’s key differentiation. Comprised of a senior-level team with in-depth expertise in all facets of IR, NMN Advisors can offer strategic counsel to ensure credible and consistent communications to Wall Street.

Senior Counsel • Wall Street Relationships • Customized Programs • Dedication to Service

Stellar 24/7 Customer Service

Clients consistently tell us that the level of service we provide and the value of our work is unmatched by any firm in the industry.

Our firm offers clients a breadth and depth of expertise, from pre- and post-IPO support to transaction communication programs and crisis communications management.  With a strong focus on the technology sector, our client experience ranges from private high-growth companies to Fortune 500 corporations. 

Within the NMN team, we work together to leverage our diverse backgrounds in Wall Street, finance and communications to create IR programs that are customized to our clients’ needs. From tactical deliverables to high-level strategic counsel, we have the skills and experience needed to navigate any IR challenge our clients may face.