BusinessObjects (now SAP)

Director of IR - twice

Multi-year engagement

Mellanox Technologies

Director of IR


Vice President of IR

TiVo Corporation

Vice President of IR

​Flexible IR Role

Vice President of IR


Senior Director of IR

Manager of IR

Juniper Networks

Flexible IR Role


VP and Senior Manager of IR

​(engaged two times)

SoftNet Systems

Vice President of IR

Extreme Networks ​
​Director and Manager of IR

(engaged two times)

Over 16 years of proven experience providing interim IR staffing

Temporary Investor Relations Staffing

We have extensive experience providing companies with interim IR staffing, ranging from a month to several years.

For over 16 years, the firm has offered assistance for IR support to accommodate maternity leaves, reductions in work force, resignations and special projects. During a period of transition, we are flexible enough to offer a broad array of services – from tactical needs to high-level strategic counsel.

A list of sample temporary engagements is listed below: